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Welcome To DarkWorld

The demons they come to take me away
As I face down their evil master
His hooks have settled deep within my mind
Creating a feeling of despair
His raven eyes look down into my soul
As his whispers float freely on the breeze
Blood rains down upon my flesh
Creating a sensation of fear
His minions lay about at our feet
I begin to long for release
For Death
For my breathe to exhale
Yet I am caught alone in this moment of terror
His forked tongue protrudes from between his grimy lips
Ready to taste my skin
I try to turn in vain i'm sure
He whips me closer to his putrid body
Decaying flesh touching my own
His gaunt face gets closer every second
Until we are an inch apart
His eyes flash
His tongue licks my lips
And time no longer exists
I open my arms
Embrace him softly
My fate is now in play
He is the one that will haunt me til forever
I look upon him and wonder about all
Then lean in closer for his gentle kiss of pain.